Navigating Insolvency with Legal Expertise

We recognize that facing insolvency can be a complex and challenging experience for individuals and businesses alike. Our specialized team of legal professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive Insolvency services across the United Kingdom. With a focus on tailored solutions, we aim to guide our clients through the intricacies of insolvency proceedings with precision and expertise.

Services Offered

Corporate Insolvency

Our expert solicitors are well-versed in corporate insolvency matters, including administration, liquidation, and company voluntary arrangements (CVAs). We provide strategic advice and legal support to businesses facing financial distress, aiming to achieve the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders.

Individual Insolvency

For individuals facing financial challenges, our team offers guidance on personal insolvency options, such as bankruptcy and individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs). We work closely with clients to find solutions that protect their interests and help them regain financial stability.

Creditor Representation

Logan Kingsley Solicitors represents creditors in insolvency proceedings, ensuring their rights and interests are safeguarded. Whether it's pursuing outstanding debts or participating in creditor meetings, our team advocates for our clients with determination and diligence.

Director's Duties and Liabilities

Directors navigating insolvency scenarios must adhere to specific legal responsibilities. We provide comprehensive advice on director's duties, potential liabilities, and actions to mitigate risks during insolvency proceedings.

Restructuring and Turnaround

Recognizing the importance of preserving viable businesses, our solicitors offer expertise in restructuring and turnaround strategies. We work collaboratively with clients to explore options that can lead to the rehabilitation of their businesses.

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