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    We launched our specialist sports division to represent sports professionals and clubs in a more ethical, reliable and credible way than others in the marketplace. We bring the transparency and professionalism of a well-established law firm into the world of sport, offering a highly personable service that places the best interests of our clients at the forefront.

    Our services

    Sports representation can be a particularly complex area of law, however as professionals working for professionals, we help clubs and sports persons from all disciplines to focus on what really matters: success both in their professional and personal lives:

    • Our legal background means we are well versed in negotiating the very best deals and ensuring everything is above board
    • We offer a fully comprehensive 24/7 legal package for all of our clients
    • We place a real emphasis on quality over quantity, ensuring we can deliver a bespoke service to each client, giving them the time and attention they each deserve
    • We balance the professionalism of a law firm with a love of sport and the aim of helping people maximise their potential 

    Why choose us?

    The sports professional care and club support we provide – through our range of products, services and sporting contacts – makes us an unrivalled proposition when choosing representation. Whether acting for an individual sports person or on behalf of a club, we are able to offer the right guidance and deliver the very best results.

    Our team are able to provide invaluable assistance in areas such as:

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