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    Disputes and different points of view are facts of business life. It is not possible to avoid them entirely. The key is knowing how to deal with them successfully and to learn from them. We explore what ‘success’ means with our clients. We then help our clients decide what to invest in a dispute (time as well as money) based on the likely return. These discussions will determine the resolution approach taken in a particular dispute and to predict the most probable result.

    Threats to your business and its future success demand immediate attention. Well considered strategies are required together with effective implementation. This may involve, among other things, informal and formal negotiation, court proceedings, arbitration, mediation or some other form of alternative dispute resolution.

    How Can Our Dispute Resolution Lawyers Help?

    We adopt a flexible approach: some clients want us to ‘own’ the entire dispute for them while others prefer to call on our advice on an ad hoc basis. We are similarly flexible when it comes to funding a dispute, and we work with clients on a fixed or capped fee basis and on conditional fee arrangements where success determines our return. Our dispute resolution lawyers help our clients to arrange funding for their legal costs from a third party or litigation funders.

    As the courts head in the direction of only awarding a contribution towards the costs of successful litigants, and as we approach a regime of fixed costs in commercial disputes, we work with our clients to ensure the costs incurred are proportionate to the amounts at stake in order to maximise recovery. Detailed costs budgets are an integral part of our project management from the outset.

    We want our clients to see us as part of their team, trusted to deliver on time and on budget.

    The Dispute Resolution Services We Offer


    Disputes involving company directors and shareholders, contracts, fraud, LLPs and partnerships, negligence by professional advisers, restrictions in employment contracts, and sale, agency and purchase agreements.

    Debt recovery

    We provide a fixed fee systemised process allowing our clients to recover unpaid debts at an agreed fixed cost.

    Intellectual property

    We help our clients protect and defend the value in their creative assets, products and brands. We advise on copyright, counterfeits, database rights, domain names, parallel imports, passing off, patents, registered and unregistered design rights, and trademarks.

    Real estate

    Our clients are business occupiers, portfolio owners and property developers. We advise on all aspects of litigation involving property ownership.

    Trusts and Probate

    Our clients are trustees, trust corporations, executors and beneficiaries. We advise on the operation of trusts and wills, challenges to trusts and wills, and claims for reasonable financial provision under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975.

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