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    Are you struggling to obtain payment of a debt owed to you? You may be operating as a business whose invoices remain unpaid despite reminders being sent or an individual who is owed money, perhaps having lent money to someone who is now refusing to pay you back.

    Our specialist Debt Recovery Solicitors are fully trained in all aspects of debt recovery.

    The Debt Litigation Process

    This is a three-part process:

    1. Sending a Letter Before Action
    2. Issuing Legal Proceedings
    3. Obtaining and Enforcing Judgement

    The Letter Before Action is formal notification to the debtor of intended legal action. It provides the debtor with details of the outstanding debt and a deadline by which this is to be paid to avoid proceedings being issued against them in the County Court.  In some cases, a Letter Before Action is sufficient to prompt payment being made or at least a payment plan being set up.


    If the Letter Before Action is unsuccessful, then issuing County Court Proceedings is the next step. The debtor will then have 14 days to admit or defend the claim.  If the claim is defended, our Debt Recovery Solicitors will advise you on the prospects of bringing a successful claim and discuss the options available to you and the associated costs.

    If the debtor fails to respond within the 14 day period, we can request Judgement on your behalf from the Court and discuss potential enforcement options and their associated costs with you.

    Whatever method of funding your case you choose, you can expect to receive clear and concise advice and information from our Debt Recovery Solicitors.

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